Who would've thought?

Who would've thought? I never thought!! I never knew that being honest,
open-minded, and willing would teach me to live a happy and productive life,
one day at a time, without the use of a chemical substance. NCADD is very
responsible for saving my life. They helped me build a foundation for my life,
they taught about my disease, the disease of addiction and reassured me that
if I just follow a few simple suggestions and work the 12 steps of recovery, I
will live a happy and productive life, one day at a time, and never ever have to
use drugs again.
EVEN IF I WANT TO!! If it weren't for the love and
support from my peers and my counselor, I never would have made it through
the death of my father. If it weren't for NCADD I would not have been
present for my daughter while she was delivering her son, my first grandson.
These are just some of the gifts I have received since I've been clean and sober.
I have the respect of my children back, I have respect and love for myself, I do
not commit any crimes today, I don't have to lie, cheat, or steal anymore, I
laugh and smile today, and I get to feel emotions. I also have a spiritual
relationship with my higher power whom I choose to be GOD. There are so
many blessings that I get to have and I owe it all to GOD and NCADD.
I returned to college and am currently enrolled in the Addiction Studies
program to become a substance abuse counselor and to give back what was
freely given to me.
Who would've thought? I never thought!!
               Thank you NCADD
"sober since 5-2011"