Court Referral DUI Services:


In the late 1970's the Van Nuys, San Fernando, Santa Clarita and Burbank courts jointly requested NCADD-SFV to develop a Court Referral System.
It requires individuals convicted of a DUI offense to complete a court ordered DUI Alcohol Program.

The Court Referral DUI Services maintains referral offices in the Van Nuys, San Fernando, Santa Clarita and Burbank courts.

(Please contact the office below associated with your court case:)

The referral office refers and monitors all individuals convicted of a DUI offense under the jurisdiction of the above courts.


The Court provides the Court Referral office with the conviction documentation and instructs the individual to meet with the Court Referral Specialist in the NCADD-SFV office located in the court to ensure the individual is referred to a State Approved Licensed program and in-compliance with their Court ordered program.

If the individual fails to contact our office within 21 days, NCADD-SFV notifies the Court of the individual's failure to report to our office for assignment.

NCADD-SFV will check with the Alcohol Program to be sure that the client has enrolled within the 21 day period allowed. If the client has not enrolled, NCADD-SFV will mail the individual a "warning letter" instructing the client to contact the NCADD-SFV office within a 10-day period. Failure to do so will result in NCADD'S notifying the court for further action.

Those clients who return to the NCADD will be reassigned to their Alcohol Program and records will be updated.

NCADD-SFV will collect progress reports from the Alcohol Programs and review them to ensure client's compliance. Progress reports will be logged and a copy will be kept on file, and followed up quarterly, or as needed.

Completions and non-compliances will be collected by the NCADD-SFV office from the Alcohol Programs and will be reported to the Court.

A fee is charged for this assignment depending on the length of program.

Your fee is a "Fee for Service" and has been approved by the Los Angeles County Office of Alcohol Programs.