"Penal Code 1210"


PC 1210 formally known as Proposition 36 is an Alternative Sentencing program, passed by California voters as an effective way to keep criminal drug offenders out of jail, instead giving the offender the opportunity to seek and get services for their addiction problem. This program requires non-violent offenders who are referred the court system, to be assessed by a local CASC, then referred to a program.

Participants are assessed to the level care treatment needed in providing services;

Level I Level II

Our goal is focused on a client-centered approach, promoting substance abuse education and awareness, helping the participant in identifying consequences of alcohol and/or drug use, identifying the effects of addiction on self, family, and relapse prevention.

PC 1210 is a self-pay program, giving the participants the opportunity to receive services. Sliding scale for fee determination is available with verified documentation.

For more information, please contact NCADD, our staff will be glad to assist you in getting an assessment appoint with CASC to begin the process.