General Relief

Individuals who are on General Relief and experiencing alcohol or substance abuse problems may be required to enroll in outpatient services to be eligible to receive benefits.

To enroll in the NCADD, the General Relief Recipient must have a referral from his/her worker. The recipient is the scheduled with CASC (Community Assessment Service Center) for a complete assessment and then referred to the appropriate program suitable to the individuals needs.

Participants are enrolled in the program for a minimum of twelve (12) weeks, depending on the individual needs. While a client at NCADD, a case manager will be assigned and will meet regularly in helping the client meet goals and objectives in achieving sobriety. A treatment plan is created specific to the participant's needs and client placed in a group that will most benefit them.

      • Life with and without Alcohol
      • Defining Addiction
      • Attitude and Actions
      • Accepting Addiction
      • Relapse Prevention
      • Defining Sobriety
      • Support and Fellowship
      • Changes and the Process

Each participant is required to attend (3) self-help or support style groups on a regularly to help support the lifestyle change.

Referrals are available and given to participant either as a result of case manager identifying the need or clients request.

This program is funded through a contract from County of Los Angeles Substance Abuse Prevention and Control at no expense to the client.